Your personal data jukebox, for Mac and iPad.

Discover Ouistee Plus for Mac: Same ease, more power !

Keep track of your data as faster as you never did before.
DVDs, CDs, books, collections, recipes, lists...
Easy to build user interface: Drop the user interface elements into the wysiwyg editor.
Plenty of User interface elements available, that work out of the box.
Hot build and play: Use directly your interface to enter your data into the data mode. Update at any time the structure back to the wysiwyg editor.
Powerful Categories management: sort, classify, search and organise your data automatically in categories and sub categories.
Advanced import export* : create new projects from CSV file, full PDF export and more...
Easy file attachment* : Include or just link all kind of files to your Collections.
Strong backup: Archive and unarchive all your databases into a single portable file.
Create Templates * : This is a good way to keep a reusable version of your Collection.
Synchronize your Mac and your iPad over your local network
* Features available in Ouistee Plus, that must be in app purchased.

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'Une gestion de bases de données simple'. Avosmac N°154.